Why your classroom could benefit from an aquarium


If you are a teacher, then you may always be trying to think about ways in which you can enhance your pupils’ learning. You may have been thinking about getting an aquarium complete with co2 pipe and lily pipe for your classroom, and if you are wondering whether this would be a great thing to do, this blog will help you to decide.

Teach responsibility

Being a teacher should be about more than simply passing exams – it should also be about teaching children the life skills that they need in order to thrive in the real world, and responsibility is something that they definitely need to learn. Having fish as a class pet is a great thing to do, as it means that you would be able to give the children the chance to get involved with feeding the pet, with each child having a different day to do the job. Doing this means that they will learn about how to take care of things from an early age, which is certainly a great lesson to be able to teach.

Bring science to life

If you teach science in your school, then you will certainly be able to bring it to life by having a pet in the classroom. You would be able to explain about habitats and survival, and this would help the children to get a real understanding of what they’re learning about, rather than just having to think about it in the context of a textbook like they would have done otherwise.


Often, children can get stressed when they are at school, and this can result in negative behaviour over the course of the day. Having fish in the room can help people to relax, and you may find that it has a positive effect on those members of the class who struggle with their behaviour.

New experiences

Many children aren’t allowed to have pets at home because their parents feel that they take too much looking after, however this is all the more reason to make sure that they are able to have this kind of experience at school instead. Lots of children beg their parents for pets, and this means they would love to have one in the classroom.

Holiday excitement

During the school holidays, a student is usually nominated to take the class pet home – and this can bring with it a huge sense of pride and achievement. This is a great way to reward good or improved behaviour during the year, and all of the children will certainly look forward to taking their turn.

If you have been thinking about a class pet, then there is no question about the fact that fish would be the perfect choice. Easy to care for and wonderful to watch, they can make a really great spectacle, and this means that you have the chance to bring an experience to the lives of children who might not otherwise be able to see what it is like to have a pet.