Top Universities in Canada


Several Canadian universities rank among the top schools in the world. The 2013 Times Higher Education World University Report ranked these institutions based on their performance in the areas of research, teaching, the transfer of knowledge from instructors to students, and its level of activity on the international stage.

The five Canadian institutions on the list include: (1) University of Toronto (ranked 20 of 200); (2) The University of British Columbia (ranked 31 of 200); (3) McGill University (ranked 35 of 200); (4) McMaster University (ranked 92 of 200); and, (5) University of Montreal (ranked 106 of 200).

University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

Not only did the University of Toronto rank 20th in the World listings, it is also considered the top university in Canada. The schools rankings are considered to be among schools such as Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and Columbia University in New York City, all in the United States, and the United Kingdom’s Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Founded in 1827, the institution’s 80,000 students and 18,000 staff and faculty members are spread across three different campuses. These campuses are located in Mississauga, St. George (located in downtown Toronto), and Scarborough. The school also boasts 5 Nobel Prize winners.

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The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The University of British Columbia ranks just outside the top 30 and below the University of Wisconsin at Madison as one of the top institutions in the world.  The school has operated since 1908 and has a proud tradition as a leading Canadian research institution. The school has 7 Nobel Laureates and 68 Rhodes scholars.

McGill University (Montreal, Quebec)

At number 35, McGill University is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country. McGill University was founded in 1821 and has a student population of around 35,000. There are 10 schools across two campuses in Montreal that have helped make McGill a top international destination for both Canadian and non-Canadian students.

McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario)

Local senator and banker William McMaster, the school’s namesake, founded McMaster University in 1887. Twenty-three thousand students attend this prestigious university in six different faculty disciplines. These include Engineering, Social Sciences, Science, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Business. The school also has a graduate program with about 4,000 graduate students.

University of Montreal (Montreal, Quebec)

The University of Montreal completes the list of top Canadian Universities. The school offers degrees from 16 disciplines and two schools affiliated with the university: HEC Montreal and Ecole Polytechnique. With 2,500 faculty members and 64,000 students, the school offers programs on the undergraduate and graduate level, including doctoral programs.

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