How to write college essays that can impress examiners


Essays seem a very easy task from outside, if you look at it, but in reality, this is one area where college students all over the world face difficulty. Essays are one of the hardest nuts to crack. Most of the students face a lot of difficulty in starting the essay as they have what is normally known as a “writers block”, this is a mental blockage faced by students where they don’t know how to begin their writing. Essays have a lot of basics that has to be kept in mind while starting to write. Let us discuss some of the ways by which college students can better their writing skills:

  1. Research on the topic: Do a proper research on the topic as it will help you to formulate ideas on the topic. A well researched topic makes a perfect essay as it not only impresses the examiner but also gives you a chance to showcase your talent through the task. You can also take the help of your instructor or your supervisor about the topic that you can write, feedbacks are important in choosing the perfect topic. Always chose topics that can help you to formulate ideas, not ones that you have to paraphrase others ideas. The examiners always want to see how you have written not what you have paraphrased.
  2. Structure: There are numerous essay writing service available online that can help college going students to know about the proper structure of writing an essay. Structure is very important for securing high grades in colleges. You need to first start your essays with a proper introduction where you need to write the purpose of your topic, the examiner should get an overview of the topic from the introduction you have written, then you need to follow the introduction with the main part of the essay which is the body. Here you need to write all the main points of the essay, you need t write in detail what the topic mainly deals about, you can state he problems of the topic here and also can write solutions to the problems if available. Then comes the conclusion where you need to summarize the whole detailed topic in brief. You can also state your own ideas but the ideas should be relevant to the topic thereby helping you to secure good grades.
  3. Improve your writing skills: College essay examples are present at various sites which is available online that can help you to write essays better if you are from colleges. Numerous essay examples are given on these websites which can help students to get the basic idea about writing an essay. Plus in addition to this a concerned student from college can gather a lot of information about the literature that is to be involved in writing an essay. Sites like PenMyPaper also gives you an added advantage of consulting expert writers. These expert writes are available for help 24/7 for you. These writers can deliver impeccable write ups for college students that can very well help them to secure high grades in their respective colleges, thus eliminating fear of failures in students.

Thus these are the three important ways by which a college student can impress any examiner by writing good essays and thereby excel in their career.