Finding and choosing childcare-Day Care School


A parent should be clear that all the child care centres in India can be broadly classified as licensed child care centres or a home-based child care providers. Depending on the needs, locality preferences, programs and type of teachers, the centre must be chosen.

Parents who are in the lookout for a decent day care centre for their toddlers need not worry too much. Choosing the right child care is not a tough task. All one needs to do is look for the centre where there is ample opportunity for a kid to learn as well as grow. Besides the establishment must be safe and secure so that children love their first school and feel happy to go there. Depending on the needs, one must start looking for the fitting day care facility well ahead of time to avoid last minute confusions. The process of fishing out the appropriate child care centre for a child can be time taking, but it is not that tough. The entire process can be divided into 4 stages namely, the type of child care needed, looking for the best three programs, interviewing each program and finally visiting each option before finalising the best play school.

What type of care does a child need?

  • While deciding on a child care, one must ponder over a few important points. If the family prefers a nearby day care school, all the facilities near the house must be taken into consideration.
  • The next question that arises is for what time duration a child need to be at day care? Calculations can be done on an hourly basis per day or per week to ease exact calculations.
  • In case monetary help is needed, financial aids must be considered.
  • For parents with more than one child, the needs and specifications required by each child must be considered. Besides one must also decide upon the fact whether they want their children in mixed age groups or in groups segregated by age.
  • Special children must be sent to appropriate child care providers. This is also an important point.
  • Some parents prefer home based facilities over commercial child care centres. Accordingly the search is to be conducted.

One these points fall into place, the process of deciding upon the best day care centre gets easy. The next step is to find at least three programs and scrutinise them carefully.

The best three programs must be considered.

In order to find the best three day care school, one can obtain a detailed list of child care centres in the locality of reference. These lists can be obtained over the internet as well as from friends and family. From these lists, one can make up their mind on certain facilities. But thorough research on the centre must follow so that the child care arrangement chosen is well monitored. To make things easy, parents can call up these centres ask about their programs in detail. Personal visits to the centres also help in deciding on the child care option that suits the needs of a family.

Program interview

The three programs chosen must be individually interviewed. This is done by calling up the centre and speaking directly to the people in charge of the programs. In case they are not available, keep contacting them till they can be confronted. A sample list of the questions to be asked is as follows.

  • What is the sick leave or ill-child policy?
  • What are the competencies of the guides and helps? Are the teachers competent enough?
  • What are the activities in place for children and what is the number of children in total and in each group or class?

Lastly a personal visit to the shortlisted centres must be done to ensure that the details offered on phone are genuine. This is the way to shortlist a child care centre for a toddler.