Algebra MAT 221 – Introduction to Algebra


The introduction to algebra establishes strong base for students in algebraic exploration of mathematics. Algebra is important concept in mathematics and used in various field. The strong expertise in algebra us more important tom score more marks in your examination. Student will learn the basic concept of algebra terminology and real numbers. This MAT 221 course explains the basic concept of writing, graphing equation, solving and manipulating polynomials. The student can understand the depth of algebraic depth in this concept. The introduction to algebra course include five week training program. Student will learn the course step by step with ease.

 The algebra is considered as important part of mathematics. It includes various field of study such as rings, fields, groups, permutation, modules, cyclic groups, vector spaces, Eigen values and vectors and much more. This course covers entire fields and enriches your mathematics skills. The algebra also follows the structure and find underlying concept to solve various usual operations. The modern algebra is called as abstract algebra.  The introduction to linear algebra is a sect of theory, elementary and logic properties, integral domains and much more. It aids students to understand the concept thoroughly and use algebra concept in various field of study. In this training program, you can interact with experienced tutor and leading mathematician in the world.

Course objectives:

TheMAT 221 introduction to algebra sill assists the student to solve and interpret algebra equation by reducing the matrices. You can make general argument by employing the matrix algebra. It assists you to calculate inverse matrix and make several conclusion.The algebraic concept is equal to ininvertibility. Students can use the concept of dimension and bases that describes the common concept of vector spaces and subspaces. It assists you to determine the determinant of a matrix. You can also explore the Eigen values, vectors and diagonals of matrix. Identify and manipulate the concepts of vector such as angles, lengths and make use of orthogonal. You will be assigned with various problems to expertise you in the field of algebra. The potential topic covers linear equation, row-reduction, dot products, vectors, orthogonal projections matrix and linear transformation.